HAVEN @ The University of Judiasm

Book by Jerome Coopersmith, Music by William Goldstein, Lyrics by Joe Darion – Based on the book “Haven” by Ruth Gruber

Choreography by Kaye Cole, Musical Direction by James Furmston, Set Design by Robert L. Smith, Costume Design by Jacqueline Saint Anne and M.E. Dunn, Lighting Design by Lawrence Oberman, Sound Design by Frederick W. Boot, Projection Design by Jean Doherty – Saluma Studios, Production Stage Manager – Stephanie Coltrin-Meyer, Produced by Robert J. Block

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Photos by Michael Lamont

The refugees journey from concentration camps and hideouts to displaced persons' camps to their port of embarkation, waiting for Ruth Gruber to escort them to a safe haven in Oswego, NY in the opening number "A Thousand Souls"
The refugees arrive on the "Henry Gibbins" for their passage to America.
The refugees meet Ruth Gruber (Stephanie J. Block) for the first time in "Oswego".
Ruth (Stephanie J. Block) tells the refugees of all the wonders of their new home, "Oswego" New York, USA.
Tanya (Sandra Purpuro) tells Ruth (Stephanie J. Block) that, after what she has seen, she cannot enjoy the plentiful breakfast on the ship in "The Breakfast Song".
The refugees observe as Tanya (Sandra Purpuro) demonstrates the "Lucky Lindy" with one of the sailors (J. Michael Ross).
Josef (Brent Keast) asks Marte (Betsy Beard) to marry him just before the ship reaches the shores of America.
The refugees see the shores of America for the first time in "This America".
Ruth is stymied in her efforts to release the refugees from behind yet another fence by the powers that be in Washington as the Mandrake Sisters (Lauren Brody-Stewart, Sierra Rein and Melissa Lyons) sing "Buy A Bond Today".
Sgt. McAllister (Ron Slanina) is coerced into giving Tanya (Sandra Purpuro) a tour of the grounds as three refugees (Alissa Koblenz, Lauren Brody-Stewart and Eden Deann Svendahl) look at American magazines that Ruth has brought them.
Tanya (Sandra Purpuro) slinks through a hole in the fence of the camp only to be stopped by two soldiers (Will Heermance and J. Michael Ross). After singing Tanya's Song, rather than send her back behind the fence, the soldiers join her for a night on the town.
Sasha (Mark Edgar Stephens) sings "I Think I Think Of You" to Ruth, who is in Washington D.C. fighting for the fences to come down.
After overdosing on sleeping pills, Marte (Betsy Beard) observes her younger self (Lauren Brody-Stewart) in a nightmare ballet.
The refugees perform "Dear Congressmen" to help convince two, who have come up from Washington, to allow them to stay in America.
Sasha (Mark Edgar Stephens) pleads with Ruth (Stephanie J. Block) to let down her own fences in order to allow their love to flourish.
After Ruth has succeeded in getting the refugees status as American citizens, the refugees reprise "This America".
Sandra Purpuro, Michael Unger, Stephanie Block
Michael Unger, Ruth Gruber, Janet Metz
Michael Unger, Marla Garlin, Jack Jason, Janet Metz
Janet Metz, Ruth Gruber, Michael Unger
Michael Unger, Ruth Gruber
Jerome Coopersmith (Book Writer), Stephanie Block (Ruth), The Real Ruth Gruber, William Goldstein (Composer), Michael Unger (Director)
With the legendary and amazing Ruth Gruber

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