Book by William Shakespeare

Set Design by Daniel A. Saks, Costume Design by Rachel E. Neff and Anne Kelly, Lighting Design by Eileen D. Thomas, Production Stage Manager – Niku Kashef

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The Cast at Christopher Sly's Tavern
Ami Rotschild (Kate), Michael McNeill (Petruchio)
Alison Elliott (Bianca), Ami Rotschild (Kate)
Ami Rothschild (Kate) and the cast

“Unger wisely refrains from altering Shakespeare’s text, simply brackets it contemporarily in a cozy jukebox joint… With a swift change of scene, in the twinkle of a time-warp, we’re in ancient Padua. The hullabaloo begins… There’s action aplenty in the new Action Theatre Ensemble…” – Drama-Logue

“Brief modern-day scenes bookend Michael Unger’s faithful adaptation of Shakespeare’s comedy… setting the tone for a fun and energetic handling of the Bard’s tale… the performers deliver the witty dialogue with wonderful grace and facility. Unger and his strong cast dance through a slapstick romp that will surprise those who think Shakespeare was all stiff collars and soliloquies… an exceptional cast. This production makes Shakespeare a whole lot more entertaining than your high-school English teacher ever did.” – LA Reader

Unger’s finely tuned and well-trimmed adaptation of Shakespeare’s bawdy romp… a very funny and readily comprehensible production.” – LA Weekly