THE MIKADO @ The Depot Theatre

By Gilbert and Sullivan

Choreography by Laurie Brongo, Musical Direction by Norma Jean Curley, Set Design by Michael Unger and David Berendes, Costume Design by Jean Brookman, Lighting Design by David Berendes, Production Stage Manager – Rick Lotzkar, Stage Manager – Michelle Traub, Managing Director – Chris Cosquilho, Artistic Director – Shami McCormick

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At the Depot Theatre, a highly talented group of singers and actors is transporting delighted audiences to the Gilbert and Sullivan topsy-turvy town of Titipu.  The comic opera, “The Mikado,” is staged with color and elegance, much light humor and pointed satire that has been updated to include references to current events, politicians like Gov. George Pataki and President Bush and even a brief mention of nearby Lake Champlain’s reputed underwater resident Champ.  The familiar tale of lovers Nanki-Poo and Yum-Yum unfolds with an exciting freshness, even though it was first performed in 1885.

Director Michael Unger’s expert touch is evident everywhere and he has another show of which he can be justifiably proud.

All of the cast sings from the heart, knowing exactly when to emote, when to soften and when to be lightly humorous.

Add the simple but effective set suggesting the Oriental locale, its quick changes and the attractively authentic costumes and you watch beauty unfold before your eyes. – Glenn Falls Post Star