TRIUMPH OF LOVE @ Weston Playhouse

By Marivaux – Adaptation by Stephen Wadsworth

Set Design by Rob Koharchik, Costume Design by Daryl A. Stone, Lighting Design by Rachel Budin, Production Stage Manager – Christine D. Freeburg, Managing Director – Stuart Duke, Producing Directors – Steve Stettler, Malcolm Ewen, Tim Fort

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As the audience enters, a screen depicting some of Hermocrate's teachings is on view.
In a prelude, Leonide (Ali Marsh) is dressed as a man by her maid, Corine (Antoinette LaVecchia).
Corine (Antoinette Lavecchia) and Leonide (Ali Marsh) scheme
Leondie (Ali Marsh) and Hermocrate (Peter Kybart)
Corine (Antoinette Lavecchia), Harlequin (Harry Bouvy), Leonide (Ali Marsh)
Harlequin (Harry Bouvy), Dimas (Sam Lloyd, Sr.), Leonide (Ali Marsh), Corine (Antoinette Lavecchia)
At the fountain - Harlequin (Harry Bouvy), Dimas (Sam Lloyd, Sr.)
Harlequin (Harry Bouvy) and Corine (Antoinette Lavecchia) observe Agis (Jeff Cribbs) and Leonide (Ali Marsh)
Hermocrate (Peter Kybart)
Harlequin (Harry Bouvy), Corine (Antoinette Lavecchia), Hermocrate (Peter Kybart)
Harlequin (Harry Bouvy)
The meeting of Agis (Jeff Cribbs)
Hermocrate (Peter Kybart), Damis (Peter Kybart)
Agis (Jeff Cribbs), Leonide (Ali Marsh)
Leontine (Amy Van Nostrand), Leonide (Ali Marsh)
Harlequin (Harry Bouvy) is tricked by Dimas (Sam Lloyd, Sr.) into revealing that the men who have intruded are, in fact, women.
Corine (Antoinette Lavecchia), Leonide (Ali Marsh)
Agis (Jeff Cribbs), Leontine (Amy Van Nostrand), Harlequi (Harry Bouvy), Corine (Antoinette Lavecchia), Leonide (Ali Marsh)
Leontine (Amy Van Nostrand), Hermocrate (Peter Kybart)
Corine (Antoinette Lavecchia), Leonide (Ali Marsh), Hermocrate (Peter Kybart)
Leonide (Ali Marsh), Hermocrate (Peter Kybart)
Harlequin (Harry Bouvy), Agis (Jeff Cribbs), Leonide (Ali Marsh)
Harlequin (Harry Bouvy) finishes his lazzi-laden intermezzo, lamenting that he will never be able to realize his love for Corine. He decides that he should simply laugh himself to death.
Leonide (Ali Marsh)
Leonide (Ali Marsh), Dimas (Sam Lloyd, Sr.), Corine (Antoinette Lavecchia)
Leonide (Ali Marsh), Hermocrate (Peter Kybart)
Leontine (Amy Van Nostrand) receives a portrait from Leonide (Ali Marsh) as Corine (Antoinette Lavecchia) observes.
Leonide (Ali Marsh) falls at the feet of Leontine (Amy Van Nostrand) in a crafty effort to woo and dupe.
Leontine (Amy Van Nostrand), Leonide (Ali Marsh), Corine (Antoinette Lavecchia)
... so is Hermocrate (Peter Kybart)
The Full Company
A be-wigged Hermocrate (Peter Kybart) and his sister, Leontine (Amy Van Nostrand), dress for their upcoming nuptials to the same person!
Hermocrate (Peter Kybart) and his sister, Leontine (Amy Van Nostrand), dress for their upcoming nuptials to the same person!
Leontine (Amy Van Nostrand), Leonide (Ali Marsh), Dimas (Sam Lloyd, Sr.), Hermocrate (Peter Kybart), Harlequin (Harry Bouvy)
Leonide (Ali Marsh), Agis (Jeff Cribbs)
The full company.
All bow to Prince Agis (Jeff Cribbs).
From behind the tech table
Michael Unger working the wheelbarrow with Sam Lloyd, Sr.
The Hot Air Balloon Party @ Van Nostrand/Daly Farm
Chris Lloyd helping to blow up balloon
Sam and Chris Lloyd about to go up.
View from above
Chris and Sam Lloyd

A deliciously funny production. Weston’s production enjoys the full dimension of Marivaux’s characters.  The ‘Triumph of Love’ is delightfully intelligent comedy.” – Rutland Herald

“Weston’s production delivers some fine comic moments. The production is highly polished and thoroughly professional.  Unger effectively maneuvers the cast through the plot. There are fine performances… that provide with gusto enough pratfalls, ear-numbing puns and outrageous malapropisms to keep the most jaded theatregoer happy.”  – Brattleboro Reformer

” ‘Triumph of Love’ A triumphant finale for Weston’s 2002 summer season.  A wonderful evening of theatre. – The Vermont Message