CHANGES OF HEART @ Barrington Stage Company

By Marivaux – Adapted by Stephen Wadsworth

Set Design by Narelle Sissons, Costume Design by Murell Horton, Lighting Design by Frances Aronson, Production Stage Manager – Renee Lutz, Managing Director – Susan Sperber, Artistic Director – Julianne Boyd

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Jennifer Bauer (Lisette), Steve Memran (The Prince), Ali Marsh (Silvia), Judith Hawking (Flaminia)
James Hallett (Harlequin), Jennifer Bauer (Lisette)
James Hallett (Harlequin), Michael Countryman (Trivelin)
Jennifer Bauer (Lisette), Judith Hawking (Flaminia)
James Hallett (Harlequin), Judith Hawking (Flaminia), Jennifer Bauer (Lisette), Ali Marsh (Silvia), Steve Memran (The Prince), Michael Countryman (Trivelin)
Ali Marsh (Silvia), Steve Memran (The Prince)

BRAVO Magazine —  Best Pick

“The Inconstant Lovers is currently being given an interesting and thought-provoking production at the Barrington Stage Company… The play’s director, Michael Unger has artfully walked the dangerously thin line between broad comedy and philosophical observations. He moves his cast well and has incorporated a number of sight gags that are fully unexpected and are, therefore, effective. His bridges from comedy to discussion are achieved simply without disturbing the pace of the production. He has also employed some very nice directorial touches, one in particular at the end of the second act. There is much to enjoy and ponder.” – Berkshire Record

“It’s a gem, a treasure, a delight… bent on hilarity. This is a visually stunning production. Scheming triumphs and burlesque is alive and well.” – Tri-State Compass

“Mr. Unger makes his costume comedy into a very modern play including two of the funniest period dresses I have ever seen… you have to see it to believe it.” – The Columbia County Independent