The Happy Time @ Signature Theatre

Music by John Kander, Lyrics by Fred Ebb, Book by N. Richard Nash – Based on a play by Samuel Taylor

Choreography by Karma Camp, Music Direction by David Holcenberg, Scenic Design by Todd Edward Ivins, Costumes by Kathleen Geldard, Lighting by Mark Lanks, Sound Design by Matt Rowe

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Michael Minarik (Jacques) and the cast
Jace Casey (Bibi) and the boys
Lauren Williams, Emily Levey, David Margulies (Grandpere), Rachel Zampelli, Kate Arnold
Tracey Lynn Olivera (Suzanne), George Dvorsky (Philippe)
Michael Minarik (Jacques), Jace Casey (Bibi)
Michael Minarik (Jacques), Carrie A. Johnson (Laurie)
Michael Minarik (Jacques), Jace Casey (Bibi)
Michael Minarik (Jacques), Jace Casey (Bibi)
David Margulies (Grandpere)
Jace Casey (Bibi) and David Margulies (Grandpere)
Michael Minarik (Jacques)
Jace Casey (Bibi), David Margulies (Grandpere), Michael Minarik (Jacques)
Michael Unger, John Kander and Chita Rivera
Michael Unger and Anne Reinking (John Kander and George Hearn in the background).
Carrie Johnson, Amy McWilliams, Rachel Zampelli, Michael Unger (Director), Emily Levey, Kate Arnold, Lauren Williams
David Margulies and Michael Unger
Michael Unger and Michael Minarik
Emily Levey, Kate Arnold, Lauren Williams, David Margulies
Carrie Johnson, Amy McWilliams, Tracy Lynn Olivera, Emily Levey, Kate Arnold, Lauren Williams
Michale Unger and Janet Metz with Michael's parents - at opening night.

… a little charmereffervescent. The Happy Time became the first Broadway show to lose a million dollars. Watching this charming and modest production, you’d never guess that such a fiscal debacle was possible.” (Washington Post)

“The Happy Time” receives a fresh and earnest revival, staged by Michael Unger with ultimate intimacy in Signature’s tiny Ark Theater. Unger keeps the kid-filled cast in perpetual motion… (Variety)

A picture-perfect production.” (Washingtonian)

“The Happy Time is definitely a fresh look at an overlooked jewel of a show. Featuring a spectacular cast, production values evocative of simpler times and fresh, tight direction, The Happy Time will certainly cause (and rightly so) historians to re-evaluate what is a deeply heartfelt and charming show. Mr. Unger has masterfully utilized the tiny space with a simple concept and beautifully paced staging. Wondrous staging and technical craft… one of the most dazzling jewels of the season.” (

“Signature Theatre’s illustrious Kander & Ebb Celebration might end up being most remembered for reviving The Happy Time — Like a lost family photograph that is re-discovered while rummaging through an old trunk, the show generates quietly powerful sentiment with the fleeting moment it captures. Director Michael Unger, aided by composer John Kander, has stripped away the Broadway trappings to reveal a quaint but emotionally intense chamber musical.” (